The Best Belly Fat Exercise For Man at Home

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Are you looking for belly fat exercise for man at home? Here are the Men’s flat stomach exercises.

Man tends to concentrate fat on the waist: here are some tips for losing weight with aerobic training, then 5 exercises for the abdominals.

Sedentary life, an unhealthy eating style, excesses of smoking and alcohol affect man in his weak point: the waistline. This is the part of the body where the male gender tends to accumulate more fat and where, unfortunately, it is also more difficult to dispose of it. What are the best exercises for a flat stomach and sculpted abs?

The targeted action on the male waistline is divided into two moments: the first aimed at slimming, the second instead at strengthening the abdominal muscles. Consequently, the training will also be divided into two different phases: the aerobic exercise, useful for losing fat, will be combined with that on the ground to sculpt the abdominals. Before proceeding, however, it is useful to understand what are the causes of an out of shape belly.

Abdominal fat in humans

While in women the accumulation of fat occurs mainly on the buttocks, hips, and thighs, the man is physiologically predisposed to the deposit in the abdominal area, especially with increasing age. With the exception of juvenile eating disorders, starting from the age of thirty almost all men experience the problem, albeit with different effects and entities, and then reach a peak after the age of forty. Leaving aside those conditions of severe overweight or overt obesity, which necessarily require targeted treatment defined by the specialist, there are many men who cannot get rid of the typical bacon despite the regular physical activity.

The first step is to learn to recognize your metabolism, perhaps with the help of a dietician,and change your eating habits. Providing a universal diet is not possible since, as mentioned, each individual must act according to their own metabolism. There are, however, some advice valid for everyone:

  • Limit the consumption of sugars, fizzy drinks, and alcohol, especially beer;
  • Avoid overly fatty foods, junk food, and fried foods. Prefer light cooking, for example, steamed, and always prefer extra virgin olive oil for condiments as it is healthy and the enemy of cholesterol ;
  • Abundant with fruit and vegetables, with at least 5 daily portions, because they are essential to dissolve excess fat;
  • Drink more than two liters of water a day, to help dissolve fat;
  • Balancing the distribution of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats throughout the day, without giving up any of these elements to avoid food imbalances

A swollen belly should never be underestimated, as it could be the tangible representation of a deeper problem: the accumulation of fat, in fact, goes hand in hand with that of bad cholesterol in the veins and arteries. It is no coincidence, in fact, that men are more prone to cardiovascular disease than women. The doctor’s opinion, therefore, is always essential before starting a workout.

The Best Belly Fat Exercise For Man at Home

Abs exercises: the best

As already mentioned, the flat stomach workout is characterized by two phases. The first is aerobic, to be done at least three times a week, and is used to burn excess fat. You can opt for running, cycling, swimming, and Zumba, but also very active team sports such as water polo, rugby or beach volleyball. Then we move on to exercise on the ground, at home or in the gym, to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

  1. Bicycle crunch: from supine, hands behind the head and elbows extended outwards, the legs are raised and bent in a very alternating manner, reproducing the typical pedaling movement. In the meantime, the torso is raised in rhythm and then performed an abdominal exercise, alternately tilting it with respect to the bent knee. In other words, if the right knee is raised, one will bend to the right with the left elbow and vice versa. You can do a series of 30 repetitions, holding the position for 10–15 seconds;
  2. Cross crunch: from supine, arms and legs extended outwards to form an “X” with the body, raise the right leg and left arm almost touching the toes with the hands, keeping the limbs as extended as possible. The same in the opposite direction — left leg and right arm — repeating the operation about 30 times with maintaining the position for 5–10 seconds. The operation forces the torso to lift and leverage the abdominals, strengthening them;
  3. Fitness ball: Using a 65–75cm fitness ball, kneel and place your hands on the ball, until your torso is slightly tilted and your arms extended. The feet are then raised slightly, leaving the knees as the only point of support on the ground — we recommend the use of a soft mat — and the torso is lengthened by pushing the ball slightly forward, up to the maximum extension that can be reached. In doing so, the abdominals will support the movement and support the body. Maintain the position for about 5 seconds and return to the initial pose for about 20 repetitions;
  4. Cross rotations: from supine, you cross your hands at the level of the abdomen — alternatively, you can support a circular weight — and raise your legs while keeping them slightly bent. Then the torso is raised as in normal abdominals, but bending it to the right and left with each lift, orienting the hands and arms as much as possible to the side of the hip. The position is held for a couple of seconds and the series is about 25–30 repetitions;
  5. Push-ups on the bar: after hanging from the raised bar, the legs are kept as close as possible and lifted, keeping them as extended as possible, until a typical “L” position between the torso and lower limbs is reached. The position should be maintained for 2 to 5 seconds, with series of 5–10 repetitions and adequate recovery so as not to tire the arms too much, as they will support the weight of the whole body.

If you do not have much experience in the gym and exercises, it is useful to be followed by a trainer in the early days to learn the techniques, and then proceed alone even comfortably at home.

The Best Belly Fat Exercise For Man at Home by Jack Michael

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