How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Women?

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Wondering how to lose lower belly fat women? A pretty flat and muscular belly that doesn’t hurt, a sweet dream that every woman aspires to. It can become a reality if one follows the recommendations and advice of experts in dietetics and sports.

What woman does not want to find a flat stomach after pregnancy or menopause? It is one of the most difficult parts of a woman’s body to lose weight since it is a preferential area where fat will be stored. However, simple, fast, and effective rules exist to make these unsightly bulges disappear. How to lose stomach effortlessly or almost.

To lose your belly, first of all, you have to move, and the most important is what you put on your plate. In women, abdominal exercises are not enough to lose weight in the stomach, diet is by far the most important, and drink water without moderation.

How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Women?

Move more

At each workout, we focus on them, because we would like them well designed, the abs are at the center of our concerns, because inseparable from a flat stomach. Bloating, lack of tone, small bead under the navel, the flat stomach is gently dreaming.

However, having abs isn’t just for showing off, a toned abdominal strap acts like a natural belt that holds the organs in place, stabilizes the bust, contributes to good posture, and prevents back pain. Strengthened abs are the assurance of good breathing, the better transmission of force and energy between the upper and lower body.

On the other hand, a flat stomach is obtained in the same way for men and women, but this is more difficult for women because they store fat to have more energy during pregnancy. the difference between man and woman is that it is more difficult for women to have visible muscles.

To lose belly fat, the goal is to burn as many calories as possible. Doing abdominals is good, but not enough to lose weight. The female musculature is essentially made up of slow muscle fibers, that is to say, which do not contract quickly, but which have a strong capacity to resist effort. To eliminate the layer of fat that covers the abs, it is interesting to make long and progressive efforts with few pauses and without impacts.

Bet on endurance sports such as cardiovascular training, running, combat sports, snowshoeing, swimming, cycling, Nordic walking, or weight training. All of these sports are more effective than exercises targeting the abdominals. The activity does not matter, it is the regularity that will work in your favor.

If you do 45 minutes of physical activity 3 times a week, you are on the right track, and you have every chance of success if after 3 months you are still diligent. Physical exercise is a guarantee of better health. If you need help, the advice of a coach at a gym can help and motivate you. It will make you do the exercises that are right for you, and help you in weight loss.

Eat better

Excess abdominal fat and overweight are due to poor lifestyle like excessive consumption of calories compared to the expense, eating too many carbohydrates or processed food, lack of physical activity, and often stress. You need to lose a few pounds but you don’t know-how.

The best is to make an appointment with a dietician, she will calculate your body mass according to your height, she will establish with you which diet to follow, and advice for balanced meals.

No flat stomach without a healthy lifestyle, without good digestion, and microbiota in perfect condition. It plays a role in the assimilation of nutrients, the synthesis of certain vitamins, protection against bad bacteria, and stimulation of the immune system.

Bacteria, by metabolizing fibers, create short-chain fatty acids that send messages with positive effects (appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory) in particular. On the contrary, a depleted microbiota would promote weight gain by increasing hunger and decreasing expenses.

To lose weight and regain a slim body, reduce calories, eat healthily by avoiding sweets, red meat, and prepared meals and fat. Be careful, coconut oil is a fat that stimulates fat burning and can help with belly loss. A diversified diet rich in fruits and vegetables promotes a good balance of the microbiota.

Bet on a diet to have a flat stomach, anti-bloating foods. A swollen belly is often caused by certain foods that hamper digestion and irritate the intestinal flora. Avoid foods high in gluten, legumes like chickpeas, beans, and vegetables, and high fiber fruits like cabbage or figs.

Rebalance your diet in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to provide you with energy by allowing you to gradually lose weight. To lose belly fat, it is necessary to adopt a diet for your needs. Above all, drink plenty of water.

Opt for massages

In addition to sports activity and good food hygiene, massages are effective in losing belly. They exist in the form of two techniques. The palpate roll massage is a method that involves pinching a bead of skin and rolling it between the fingers in a horizontal line from bottom to top.

This massage is offered in the management of cellulite, that is to say, the destocking of fat. You can do it at home using a suction cup, or by a physiotherapist masseur.

Kneading: it is practiced on the stomach by pressing gently at the start and then harder with the hands flat, from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, as for kneading dough. For massages you can use slimming creams, they help the body to drain toxins and eliminate fat deposits.


Cosmetics can make the figure firmer, more toned, and help show smoother skin. After the age of 50, hormonal changes cause your body to change.

The skin is prone to sagging and cellulite is accentuated, with a change in location. Due to the drop in estrogen, the belly captures and stores fat, so that cellulite settles in this area, which until then had been spared.

Collagen loses quality and, together with fibrosis, this creates a loss of firmness and a wavy appearance.

Not to mention intense dehydration of the epidermis. It is, therefore, necessary to act on all fronts, with care to be applied to the thighs, buttocks, the stomach, and even the arms if you see dimpling.

Opt for anti-cellulite active ingredients. Prefer formulas containing vagotonic active ingredients, in order to increase exchanges and fight against the compression of the capillaries caused by cellulite.

This is the case of horse chestnut for example. To prevent storage and put an end to fat, caffeine, present in almost all slimming creams, is the best ally.

Finally, choose formulas enriched with draining active ingredients, such as escin. Combined with a massage, they beautify the skin. Work from the bottom up, from the ankles to the hips and stomach.

Firming solutions. Stimulate the fibroblast to offer you real skin gymnastics. Once or twice a week, perform a scrub that boosts the metabolism and then apply a treatment that revives the synthesis of collagen and elastin, using ingredients such as quince leaf.

Choose a texture that invites massage, cream, or oil, rather than an alcoholic gel, which is more difficult to work.

Apply the slimming product at the end of the shower on still-damp skin, because the hydrolipidic film acts as an emulsion which improves the penetration of the active ingredients.

How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Women? by Jack Michael

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