How to Lose Lower Belly Fat Male — How to Eliminate it?

how to lose lower belly fat male image
how to lose lower belly fat male image

How to lose lower belly fat male? It is difficult to make localized fat disappear, but not impossible. Exercise, caloric deficit, and a good rest are the keys.

This article reveals all the keys to getting rid of the annoying float.

You try your best, you kill yourself in your training to burn abdominal fat and get to summer being the best version of yourself. You work against the clock to bring out those steel abs in the shape of a chocolate tablet that you crave so much, you take care of your diet to the maximum, but he is still there: the famous float, the Michelin, the Forza around the navel, the muffin top that would call the Anglo-Saxons (due to its similarity to the overflow of a cupcake).

In the case of men, the abdomen area is the place where, by genetics, fat is installed. But why does this occur? “Fat accumulation is mainly related to cortisol, known as the stress hormone.”, “Cortisol is a catalyst hormone — catabolism is a physiological process by which muscle mass is destroyed — which, in the case of shooting, it does so especially at high-stress levels, favors the accumulation of fat, and hinders growth. muscular. It is proven that sleeping for a few hours causes an increase in the production of this hormone–If you sleep less, the body is more stressed– and, in the case of men, a decrease in testosterone ”. That is why abdominal fat accumulates.

How to Lose Lower Belly Fat Male

There is good news and bad news to this question: the bad news is that “there is no way to eliminate fat locally,”. The good news is that it is not impossible to make it disappear, although “the only way to eliminate it is in a general way, by exercising and on a caloric deficit diet. Depending on the genetics of each person, it will take more or less time to get rid of the fat from a specific point of the body ”.

With what type of training will we be able to burn more? The greater the muscle mass we involve, the greater the caloric expenditure. “If our goal is to reduce body fat, I would recommend doing HIIT-type workouts or doing circuits alternating strength exercises with other metabolic exercises with short periods of rest between them, in this way we will work at a medium-high intensity during the training hour, getting the exercises to be effective ”.

“Taking into account that 2/3 of the total muscle mass of the body is found in the legs, lower body exercises will involve greater expenditure and, therefore, greater fat burning. We can also use exercises that involve both upper and lower body, such as thrusters, in order to increase fat burning ”.

Beginner level : pull + thrusters (adapting the load) + plank + jumping jacks .

Advanced level: dominated + thrusters + ab wheel rollout + burpees.

Although training is important to achieve good physical results, you have heard on more than one occasion that abs are achieved in the kitchen. However, in this part, there are no miracles “or foods that eliminate fat in a localized way.”. The only trick is to burn everything we put into our mouths. “To reduce abdominal fat, we must apply a caloric deficit to help us eliminate it.

“Whenever we think about reducing fat, we focus on food, and it is the most important thing. However, in the early stages of the process we can achieve a caloric deficit by adding more exercise.”. “For example, if we are only doing strength training and we are not doing aerobic exercise or HIIT, simply adding this type of work to our training will increase our daily caloric expenditure.”

In a second phase, to this extra training, we will add a modification of the diet: we will reduce the daily calorie intake to help the body draw on fat reserves when doing physical exercise. In this way, we will mark all that muscle that we have achieved with our workouts.

In no case is it about starving or neglecting our diet but to adjust it in a healthy way to eliminate the superficial layer of fat and bring out the muscles. “We will work with a margin of 300 -500 calories less than what we normally eat, what does not make sense is that there is much difference between the usual intake and the caloric deficit, since producing high weight changes is not healthy in the long run term ”, comments by a nutritionist.

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A calorie deficit is about cutting calories, but where exactly do we cut back from? If we consider that the macronutrients of the calories coming are divided into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from carbon, we must pass the scissors for them. The question is: how it to continue eating a healthy diet and not go hungry?

Protein consumption should be high (2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight is usually recommended) since it is the nutrient in charge of maintaining and increasing our muscle mass. If we reduce it, we can see our muscle mass compromised instead of just reducing fat. “ Therefore, the proteins remain, we do not want to lose all the muscle that we have gained these months.

If we want to eliminate fat, it is understandable to think that we must cut them … Negative! “ Many people usually eliminate them and it is a mistake since our endocrine system is regulated mainly by fats”, explains the expert. “So if we don’t eat fat, we can make our endocrine system not work normally, our metabolism slows down, and losing fat is more difficult.” So, fats, yes, but not just any: “It is important to note that fat consumption must come from healthy fats rich in omega 3 and omega 6, present, for example, in nuts and fish, especially oily fish.” Pizza and industrial pastries do not fall under “healthy fats.”

Our last asset is carbohydrates, “which is where we must cut back.”. It is from them that the body obtains the necessary energy to carry out daily physical activity. Once the carbohydrates are consumed, the body starts to pull fats to obtain that energy. Therefore, if we reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the caloric expenditure with training, we will get the body to go to fat earlier. All this without condemning the muscle mass that we have created thanks to proteins and fats (which we have maintained).

“It is important to highlight that it is not necessary to eliminate carbohydrates completely, we can reduce the amount and compensate for this cut with fruit and vegetables so as not to starve,” says the expert; and continues: “For example, 100 grams of rice have about 28.2 grams of carbohydrates, while 100 grams of eggplant have 5.7 grams of carbohydrates. In this way, we increase the consumption of fiber and reduce the caloric density “, being satiated without having to eat so many calories and maintaining a healthy nutritional plan.

If you have completed each of the steps up to this point, congratulations, but no plan works without organization and time. There are three pillars (each one of them equally important) of good physical condition: training, eating, and resting, which is when the body recovers and prepares to start over. “The best way to reduce fat levels is to exercise, eat an adequate diet, an active lifestyle and sleep and rest well since as we have said, sleeping for a few hours will increase cortisol, increase the production of ghrelin (a hormone responsible for generating a feeling of hunger) and reduce leptin (a hormone responsible for generating a feeling of satiety). When this happens we will eat more and it will be more difficult to achieve the goal. Getting enough sleep is much more important than we think ”.

How to Lose Lower Belly Fat Male by Jack Michael

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